Sustainability is of the utmost importance to us here at Signature Exteriors. Everyday landfills receive an inconceivable amount of waste created by construction.  We are doing our part to reduce how much waste goes into landfills by recycling shingles and using recycled shingles when possible.  Recyclable shingles are made of asphalt, which comprises two-thirds of the roofing market in the United States. Shingle recyclers grind the old shingle material and use it to make new shingles, as surfacing material for asphalt roads and “cold patching” for roads in cold climates. We also like to educate our clients on the cost savings of utilizing solar fans and sun tunnels as opposed to other more costly ventilation and lighting products. We utilize the two recycling centers:

North & South Carolina
Boggs Paving
Street: 2318 Concord Hwy
City: Monroe
State: NC
Zip Code: 28110
Phone: (704) 282-0033

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