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3 of the Best Gutter Guards for Your Home

When you look to install or replace the gutters on your home, you may find options to install gutter guards. You may ask yourself, “What are gutter guards?” or “What are the best gutter guards to install for my home?”. The roofing and gutter experts at Signature Exteriors have come up with a quick guide to help you make the best decision for your home and to explain the benefits of installing them on your home.

What Are Gutter Guards?

The gutters installed on your home are there to perform a vital job. The gutters and downspouts function to direct water from rainfall, snow, and hail away from your roof and the foundation. If your gutters get clogged with debris, water pools in your gutters, creating additional weight, which is likely to exceed the weight capacity of the gutters. This excessive weight in the gutters will pull the fasteners and gutter hangars away from the fascia allowing water to run behind the gutter. Water running behind the gutters can cause interior leaks but more commonly causes deterioration of fascia and siding.

Additionally, when water pools in your gutters, it reduces the life expectancy of the seals on the gutter miters. Once the seals fail on the miters, water leaks through the seams causing the soffit and fascia to rot. Preventing this debris buildup is where gutter guards come into play.

We highly recommend installing gutter guards to protect your gutters from debris and keep the water flowing smoothly through the system. Effective gutter guards provide many benefits, such as protection from roof damage, foundation damage, basement flooding, mold and mildew growth, and pest protection. By correctly diverting water from your home with gutter guards installed, you are not only protecting your gutters and roof from damage, but you are also protecting your entire home.

What Gutter Guards Should I Buy?

Gutter RX

Gutter RX Gutter Guards

Gutter RX is one of our highest recommended gutter guards. Gutter RX gutter guards are designed to handle 14+ inches of rain per hour, is made up of 98% recycled aluminum, and can be installed on your existing gutters. This gutter guard allows water to flow freely but prevents pests, such as squirrels and birds, from getting into your gutters and building nests. Gutter RX gutter guards cannot prevent ice dams from occurring. Still, they can significantly reduce the amount of ice buildup in your gutters which helps minimize damage such as split seams, loose hangers, and disconnected gutters. These guards are virtually invisible from the ground and are installed directly into the gutters, which is a massive plus as installing them won’t compromise your roof in any way. Gutter RX is one of our most requested brands and is considered, by our experts, to be one of the best gutter guard options to install on your home. Lastly, Gutter RX installation comes with a manufacturer’s 20-year no-clog warranty.

LeaFree Gutter Guards

LeaFree Gutter Guards

LeaFree gutter guards are another recommended brand by Signature Exteriors. These guards can custom fit to any home by adjusting to the pitch of the roof. LeaFree, made from .024″ thick aluminum, is designed to handle up to 14 inches of rain per hour. LeaFree, unlike Gutter Rx, is installed under the first row of shingles and attached to the lip of the gutter with stainless steel screws. This installation method gives you an alternative to drip edge, a recommended product that protects the top of your fascia board from water damage and wood rot.

Additionally, LeaFree can act as an excellent exclusion product to prevent animals such as squirrels from entering your home. LeaFree guards cannot prevent ice dams from occurring. Still, they will significantly reduce the amount of ice buildup in your gutters which helps minimize damage such as split seams, loose hangers, and disconnected gutters. This product requires little to no maintenance making it another contender for the best gutter guards for your home. Lastly, LeaFree gutter guard installation has a lifetime warranty making this product one of the best in class.


ShurFlo gutter guards are another great brand on our list. This product is made by U.S. Aluminum, Inc., a leading manufacturer of quality rain gutter accessories. Their water capacity dramatically exceeds the U.S. record rainfall amounts and offers a 20-year warranty. As a bonus, you can install Shurflo gutter guards on any 5″ or 6″ gutters in good condition. Should you have prior damage to your gutters, you may need a complete gutter replacement before installing this brand onto the home. They are virtually invisible from the ground once installed and fit snugly on the tops of your gutters. There will be no lifting or penetration of your roof shingles needed, and these guards should not void any roof warranties you may have. ShurFlo gutter guards cannot prevent ice dams from occurring. Like other gutter guard products, they will significantly reduce the amount of ice buildup in your gutters which helps minimize damage such as split seams, loose hangers, and disconnected gutters.

Do You Need A Gutter Guard Estimate?

If you’re interested in having gutter guards installed on your home, contact your local roofing and gutter company for an estimate! Use this guide to help decide if gutter guards are right for you and what gutter guards are best for your home!  If you’re in Charlotte, Signature Exteriors offers free roof and gutter inspections and we’d be happy to assist with any questions on gutter guard installations. We pride ourselves in taking the guesswork out of any decision when it comes to your gutters and making the decision process a smooth and informative process. Contact Signature Exteriors today for a free inspection!

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