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Roofing Services in Pineville, NC

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If you live in South Charlotte, in areas like Pineville and Matthews, and need roof repairs or a roof replacement, call Charlotte's most trusted roofing contractor, Signature Exteriors, today! Offering free estimates and roof inspections by certified roof inspectors, you can count on Signature Exteriors to provide roofing services you can trust!

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Signature Exteriors offers free roof inspections and estimates to Pineville, Matthews, and other South Charlotte residents.

Our roofing specialists perform comprehensive evaluations of your home’s roofing, gutter, and siding inspections. We take many photos and put together a detailed report and a free estimate! After the inspection, we’ll walk you through our findings and answer any questions you have.

Hail damage on roofs can cause dents, tears, and granule loss to shingles. Identifying hail damage to a roof often requires a physical inspection of the roofing system. Your homeowners’ insurance covers hail damage.

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Full Roofing & Gutter Services in pineville, nc

Signature Exteriors is one of the highest-rated roofing companies in Pineville, Matthews, and the surrounding South Charlotte area. Our dedication to craftsmanship, quality roofing materials, and customer service allow Signature Exteriors to stand out from other roofing contractors in the area. We’re the right contractor for any roof replacement or roof repair project! Our crews specialize in re-roofing residential and multifamily properties. With over 40 years of roofing experience in Charlotte, our company will get your roof done right, at a reasonable cost, and with excellent service!

Choosing a trusted roofing company can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. If you live in Pineville, Matthews, or the greater South Charlotte area, your home may experience many types of strong natural events throughout the year, including insects, storms, high winds, and hail. With so many factors affecting your home, scheduling regular roof inspections are essential. Signature Exteriors offers free roof inspections for homeowners, and we’ll make sure your roof is safe for your home and your family.

As a roofing contractor in Pineville with over 40 years of experience servicing roofs in the community, we provide comprehensive roof inspections to ensure your roof is waterproof. 

Our reviews on GoogleAngi, and the Better Business Bureau show how much value we put into our customer relationships, and you will experience that when you work with us.

Signature Exteriors offers comprehensive roofing services for all its customers. Signature Exteriors offers additional services: new gutter systems, siding, and commercial property restoration. Our team includes dedicated roofing claims specialists who work with your insurance company to ensure the best results. Ask us about free inspections for siding and gutters. We work with residences and property management companies throughout our community. Everyone is an important client. As a local roofing company servicing South Charlotte, we pledge to care for our community.