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Roof Leak Inspection in Charlotte

Drone Technology in the Roofing Industry

Drone technology in the roofing industry has expanded in the last three years. Recently, one of our renovation consultants earned his commercial drone license to help provide even greater quality roof inspections and aerial imagery services to our customers. Since this technology is still new to our industry, we wanted to outline some of the benefits of utilizing UAV technology in some of our roofing inspections.

What is a drone? How is drone technology used in roofing? 

A drone also called a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), is an aerial vehicle piloted remotely for take-off, flight, and landing. Most familiarity with drones comes from a military background, but as the technology improves and becomes more mainstream, drones have also been beneficial in the roofing and construction industry.

Most drones are equipped with high-quality cameras allowing them to capture pictures and videos while being flown. These cameras are linked, usually through Bluetooth, to a screen on the remote control, and the operator can see and choose the images they capture while their drone is in flight. We pursued using drone technology to enhance our services and provide added benefits to our customers.

Benefits of Drone Roof Inspection

Drone technology allows access to hard to reach and hard to see areas 

Many buildings have complex structures, steep roofing, or obstructions that can pose issues for comprehensive inspections by your roofing contractor. Utilizing drone technology in these scenarios minimizes cost and maximizes the inspectors’ safety by facilitating review of hard-to-reach areas. Another good use of drones is to inspect structures, including chimneys, installed on the steeper sides of the roofing system or of church steeples.


Aerial Imagery 

Aerial imagery can be costly, and drone technology in the roofing industry has helped contractors collect real-time aerial photographs of a property. Aerial imagery is used to document property conditions, measure buildings or land, plan for property development, and to help highlight the draining patterns of flat or commercial roof buildings.

By offering drone technology to support some of our roof inspections, the professionals at Signature Exteriors can save you time, money and provide valuable interpretations of drainage patterns of the overall roofing system of any residential or commercial property.


If you have ever experienced a roof leak at your property, you know that the timing of your inspection, repairs, or replacements is crucial. Having access to a drone can, in some cases, allow us to bypass traditional roofing requirements (setting up the ladder, scaffolding, aerial lifts, etc.), which saves our technicians and renovation consultants a lot of time. With the high-quality cameras, we’ve been able to identify leak sources and put together a presentation outlining our recommended repairs quicker than ever!