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Roof repair in charlotte nc

How to Tell When Your Roof Needs Repair

Roof replacements aren’t cheap, so maintaining your roof through regular repairs is the best way to make sure you don’t find yourself with a large roof replacement cost down the road. Below, we’ll highlight the signs to look for and when it’s time to call in the professionals. 

Roof repair in charlotte nc

Signs You Need A Roof Repair


1. Roof Leaks During Rainfall

This should be a fairly easy one to catch, but even the smallest of leaks must be repaired ASAP. When there’s a small leak and it rains, the moisture expands and contracts which widens the leak. The longer you wait on this one, the more expensive it’ll be to fix it. The easiest place to overlook a leak is in the attic, so make sure that you’re checking that regularly.

2. Stained or Discolored Walls

Leaks that haven’t been repaired lead to stains and discoloration on the walls from the dirty water soaking through the surface of the ceiling and walls. This is a sign of advanced water damage rather than just a small leak, so you’ll want to tend to this right away. Consider using a service such as Angie’s List to help find a roofing contractor near you. Be sure to check customer reviews before you pick a roofing company to repair a roof leak.

3. A Visibly Sagging Ceiling

Another sign of a roof leak is a sagging ceiling. This is another sign of water damage, and it means that the water is pooling in the same spot repeatedly, leading your ceiling to cave under the pressure.

4. An Increased Energy Bill

Air and heat also seep through gaps or cracks in roofing shingles and damaged polyiso insulation, which can lead to a higher energy bill than you’re used to. If you’re noticing your bill creep up without any seasonal explanation, air leakage could be to blame. You’ll be able to check for this by just looking for sunlight peeking through your attic space. 

5. Damaged Shingles

If any shingles or tiles are cracked or peeling, tend to that right away, or hire a local roofing company to repair your roof. Shingles should lie flat across the roof, so if you see any buckling, it’s time to replace them. The gutters are also a good place to look – if you notice shingle granules in them, the roof is nearing the end of its life. If you notice any rot or decay on the shingles, you’ll also want to get that checked out, as that will damage the protective outer layer of the roof that’s there to protect from water and other outdoor elements.

6. A Damaged Chimney

A damaged chimney with cracked or broken bricks can physically collapse inward into your roof, causing immediate damage. This is also a danger for your family in the home, so it’s best to regularly inspect your chimney for any signs of damage.

7. It’s at the end of its lifespan

Even with proper roof maintenance, roofs do have a lifespan of about 20 years. If yours is older than this, you’ll want to get it replaced in favor of having to deal with both damage to your home and a replacement down the line. 

Repairing your roof in a timely manner as you notice small damages is the best way to ensure that you avoid a costly replacement for as long as possible. As a final note, as you’re inspecting for roof damage, prioritize safety above all, and never navigate the top of the roof on your own. It’s best to call in a professional who knows what they’re doing since thousands of people are injured every year on their own roofs.

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Do you need a roof repair?

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