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How to Prepare for Your Roof Replacement

Congratulations, you’re replacing your roof! Roof replacements are an excellent opportunity to improve your home’s defense systems and boost your property’s curbside appeal! If you’ve chosen Signature Exteriors to complete your roof replacement, we’ll give you a call to discuss the preparation steps in detail. If you’re a new homeowner or nervous to start your replacement, this guide will help you prepare for the roof replacement process.

Steps to Prepare for a Roof Replacement

Step 1: Remove all fragile items

Remove fragile items like mirrors, pictures, etc., that hang from walls, ceilings, and shelves. If the item is not firmly secured, it has a chance of falling due to the vibrations of the work. Do a walkthrough of your interior to check for items that are not securely fastened. If in doubt, take the item down.

Step 2: Perimeter of your home

Remove all delicate items from the perimeter of your home to reduce the risk of being hit by falling roof debris. These items include cars, boats, furniture, barbeques, plants, sculptures, etc.

Step 3: Prepare for noise

There will be constant hammering on your roof during your roof replacement.

Step 4: Parking

Remove any vehicles from the driveway or garage before materials are delivered to your home. You’ll be safe to return the car(s) to the driveway once your roof replacement is complete. Our vendors use large trucks to deliver roofing material (shingles, underlayment, etc.).

Step 5: Work Area

Keep children and pets away from the work area until our cleanup crews are finished cleaning after the roof installation. During installation, it’s probable that nails or other work material will fall to the ground. Our cleanup crews have special tools to pick these up after the end of your replacement.

Step 6: Attic Preparation

We recommend using a tarp or a similar material to cover the contents in your attic, especially under the ridgeline, to reduce the collection of dust during your roof replacement.

Step 7: Cleaning

Our crews will perform cleaning during and after your roof installation. We use the most up-to-date cleaning equipment such as rolling magnets, pin magnets, and metal detectors in our best effort to keep you safe. Stubborn nails may remain hidden in brush and grass around the house. Use caution in those areas after your roof replacement.

Step 8: Material Removal

If we perform your roof replacement, we will send more material than is noted on your contract. Our goal is to ensure that we can complete your project promptly, so we send extra material to account for any unexpected hiccups (damaged shingles, etc.). Any material left at the end of the project will be returned to our inventory, and we will have it picked up a day or two after the project is complete.

If you have any questions about other tips and tricks to prepare for your roof replacement, give the roofing experts at Signature Exteriors a call today!