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How a New Roof Can Boost Your Home’s Value

If you are looking to boost your home’s value with an upgrade or refurbishment project, adding a new roof is the way to go. Reports reveal that adding a new roof to your home can boost your home’s value by almost $12,000. Let’s take a look at how a new roof can immediately increase the value of your home.

Everyone wants to look for the best when shopping for a new home, and particular easy tells suggest a home is luxurious, well-made, or designed carefully. A fancy door, a finely curated outdoor patio with elegant furniture, unique details like skylights or antique lamps can all point towards a home that will be extra alluring for home buyers and extra satisfying for homeowners.

For those in the know, the best way to assess a home’s value is the crown above it all: the roof. If you think about a home’s essential function, its job is to protect and shelter you from the elements, right? So a roof is a crucial element allowing you to live comfortably and at ease, safe from wind, rain, snow, heat, and deterioration.

Save Energy

Installing a new roof can provide many different benefits for your home. One of the more surprising options? Adding a new roof can keep your home cooler. Some specific kinds of asphalt roof shingles specialize in improving the thermal budget of your home. The material reflects heat from the sun, keeping your home’s interior atmosphere cool and comfortable, making your home more environmentally friendly, and saving you hundreds of dollars each month on energy and utility bills.

Plus, when you install your new roof, you can take the opportunity to include special features, like skylights and solar panels. With solar panels, you could generate enough energy to power your home utilities, from your home Wi-fi network to your lights and thermostat. And with skylights included in your new roof, your home instantly becomes not only more luxurious but also more energy-efficient. You can open and close the skylights to let in a cool breeze, reducing the need for air conditioning redundant in the hot summer months.

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Pass Home Inspections With Flying Colors

When you list your home for sale, the roof is one of the standout features for interested home buyers and home inspectors. If a roof is in bad condition, that can be enough to turn away homebuyers who would otherwise place your home at the top of their list. You could also turn away buyers if the roof seems to be damaged or leaking. A home inspection is a crucial part of every home sale process, so making sure your roof is in excellent condition is essential to pass any good home inspection. You will want your roof inspector to be satisfied and impressed that your roof is well made, sturdy, and long-lasting, so it will protect your home for many years to come, presenting no potential damage or danger for any home residents.

Avoid layering shingles. Some people may think it wise to place new shingles over their old ones to cut costs. Performing a roof-over, installing a new layer of shingle over the original roof, is a decision to cut corners, not cut costs. Although it involves a less expensive and much faster installation process, double-layered shingle roofs are more likely to collapse, develop leaks, and even trap heat. These issues mean that you may have to spend more on monthly utility bills to keep your home’s temperature down to a cool and reasonable comfort level. Homebuyers and roof inspectors will notice the double-layered roof and recognize that it is a cheap fix, possibly indicating more severe issues. So the less expensive shortcut can end up costing you more in the long run.

Beautiful Aesthetics Boost Value

A new roof can instantly transform the appearance of your otherwise ordinary home into a luxury dream house. While changing your roof for optimal aesthetic value may come at a higher initial cost, the investment can pay off and then some should you decide to put your home up for sale. A high-quality, beautiful roof is a great way to impress potential buyers right off the bat.

If aesthetics is the name of the game, asphalt shingles are a great option. These shingles are versatile, allowing you to choose your custom color and texture options, so your asphalt shingle roof can appear to be made of classic slate or other materials.

If you want to truly make your home stand out for many years to come, invest in a high-quality luxury roof material, like clay shingles or slate shingles. These shingles come at a higher price point than other options, such as concrete or metal. Still, they can last for up to one hundred years, withstanding the harshest elements and providing a lasting warranty for you and any future homeowners who will inherit your property.

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Choose a Roof You Love

Once you have decided to install a new roof on your home, make sure you do ample research to determine which type of roof will be the best for your home. Choose a trustworthy and highly qualified roof installation company to take on the task.

Remember that a roof installation can be a lengthy process. Don’t rush it, but instead, take your time to find a new roof material that you’ll genuinely love. Look for a roof installation company that makes you feel confident, so you know your home will be safe in their hands. Unlike a new coat of paint, a new roof is a home refurbishment that will last for years and years into the future. It can be a significant endeavor to take on, but in the end, it is a worthy investment that will truly boost your home’s value.

Interested in a New Roof?

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