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Was Your Roof Insurance Claim Denied? If So, This Is A Must Read!

No one ever wants to file an insurance claim. But if you’ve suffered damage to your home, it’s important to know what to do – and what not to do – to give yourself the best chance of getting your claim approved.

Unfortunately, even if you’ve been a model policyholder and paid your premiums on time, there’s no guarantee that your claim will be approved. Many claims are denied each year due to a variety of reasons.

If your roof insurance claim is denied, don’t despair. You can take steps to appeal the decision and potentially get the coverage you need. Here’s what you need to know about the roof insurance claim denial process and how you can improve your chances of getting your claim approved.

Why are roof insurance claims denied?

There are several reasons why your roof insurance claim was denied. Some of the most common include:

-Your policy does not cover the damage: Every insurance policy is different, so it’s important to know what yours covers – and doesn’t cover. For example, some policies exclude damage caused by wind or hail, while others only cover certain types of repairs. Be sure to review your policy carefully, so you know what’s covered before you file a claim.

-The damage is not severe enough: For your insurance company to approve your claim, the damage must be more costly than performing a repair. Typically, the damage must be greater than 70% of the value to replace your roof.

-You didn’t file your claim within the time limit: Most insurance policies have a time limit for filing claims, so be sure to file yours as soon as possible after the damage occurs. If you wait too long, your claim may be denied.

-You didn’t provide enough evidence: When you file a roof insurance claim, you’ll need to provide documentation of the damage, including photos, repair estimates, and more. If you don’t provide enough information, your claim may be denied.

What you can do after a claim denial

If your roof insurance claim is denied, don’t give up. You can take a few steps to improve your chances of getting your claim approved.

First, review the denial letter carefully. Insurance companies are required to provide a specific reason for denying your claim, so this letter will explain why your claim was denied and what you can do to appeal the decision. Follow the instructions carefully, so you don’t miss any deadlines.

If your claim has been denied because inadequate documentation was not provided, collect more and submit it to your insurance company. Additional documentation can include photos, repair estimates, and more. When your claim has been denied, reaching out to a local roofing company with a working knowledge of the insurance claims process is typically your best next step. The local roofing company can assist in gathering information and documentation.

You may also want to get a second opinion. If you think the insurance company made a mistake denying your claim, you can ask another contractor to assess the damage and provide an estimate. Additional expert feedback and documentation can help you build a stronger case for why your claim should be approved.

Finally, appeal the decision. If you’ve followed the above steps and your claim is still denied, you can appeal the decision. This usually involves submitting a formal letter to your insurance company explaining why you believe the decision was wrong and requesting that they reconsider.

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