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4 Perks of Hiring Local Residential Roofers

If you’ve ended up on this page, you’re probably in search of a qualified residential roofing company. In your search, you’ve probably noticed that just searching “roofing contractors near me” gives you a variety of results from national roofing companies to local residential roofing companies. How do you know what to look for when you’re hiring a roofing contractor? What are the benefits of hiring local residential roofing companies instead of the larger, national businesses?

Let us share with you some benefits you’ll enjoy if you choose local.

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Benefits of Hiring Local Residential Roofing Companies

#1: Verifying License, Insurance & References

The first thing we tell customers when they ask us what to look for in hiring a residential roofer is verifying their license and insurance and checking out their customer reviews or references. With a local residential roofing contractor, these things should be very easy for your roofer to provide to you. Since they’re local, you may be able to visit homes in your area that your roofer has worked on before and examine their handiwork first-hand.

#2: Non-Compliance

A roofing term we use a lot that most residential homeowners aren’t familiar with is building codes. This is a roofing term referencing the published regulations prescribing procedures and construction details for structures. These building codes vary county by county. By hiring a local residential roofing company, you’ll have a low chance of running into any issues with non-compliance on local building codes since they’re familiar with the state and surrounding county building codes.

#3: Quick Response for Roofing Emergencies 

Having the direct phone number of your local roofer in your phone after a storm or if a roof leak appears will be a monumental stress relief for you. Dealing with storm damage doesn’t just include getting the roof repairs done in a timely manner. A local residential roofing company can better assist with quick emergency leak inspections and tarping. An added bonus is that they will handle the documentation for your insurance provider. All of which can’t be done as timely by non-local roofing companies.

#4: Your Roofing Project Has Our Full Attention 

Each and every residential roof has its own unique requirements and so do the homeowners who live in them. Local residential roofing companies are able to give full attention to their projects because, well, you’re our neighbor and that’s the right thing to do. We devote all the time needed to ensure the success of your roofing services, including your satisfaction. Being a smaller team, our owner and managers are knowledgeable about all aspects of your roofing work and we’re able to take a hands-on and personalized approach to your roofing projects.

Meet Our Team of Roofing Experts 

In August 2018, the Signature Exteriors team replaced a residential roof for a local homeowner. A few weeks ago (October 2019), we received a call from the same homeowner who wanted a quote on replacing her garage roof – a portion of the roofing work she wasn’t ready to tackle originally. When our office staff answered the phone the homeowner immediately began to explain who she was, the work we had previously performed, and what she wanted to get done. The thing is, we already knew it was her when she called and, as soon as we realized she wasn’t reporting an active leak, we knew exactly what she was looking to do – replace the roof on her garage. Before our customer had even finished her sentence, our office administrator had pulled up her old contract and our inspection photos for her garage.

It’s important that your local residential roofing company treats you like you’re their neighbor before treating you like a sale – and that’s what we do! Head over to our “About” section to learn about how we became your local roofing contractor and why we value offering high-quality roofing services to our neighbors. While you’re there, check out the descriptions of our team of roofing experts and get to know our team because, trust us, we’ll get to know you! We’ll take the stress out of each step of your roofing project and will be here if you call us in a year, too!

Oh, and if you’re wondering how our customer’s garage roof replacement went – here’s a photo of our recently completed work. Happy roofing, neighbors!

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